Overcoming the Pandemic … Turkey is Being Vaccinated !

Overcoming the Pandemic … Turkey is Being Vaccinated !

We Started the New Process with Vaccination

The world is faced with one of the biggest epidemic threats of all time with the advent of the coronavirüs. Experts warn individuals to be extra careful about taking many measures to prevent cases of covid-19 worldwide. The global danger still continues although the effects of the corona virüs are tried to be minimized. Turkish scientists are working on developing vaccines for this epidemic, which does not have an efffective and specific treatment. Turkish scientists believe that in order to end this pandemic, human beings will earn their old life with vaccines. 
Undoubtedly, the number of cases has started to decrease day by day in Turkey, which is one of the countries that makes the most stringent measures on corona. We have entered a new process with the the measures taken and quarantines. We started to get good results of vaccination studies that started months ago, as a result of researches, we can say that the citizen who the vaccine is under 80% protection. 

What Has Changed in Our Lives with Vaccination ?

 - It was concluded that vaccination prevented some other diseases such as diphtreia, whopping cough and measles. 

  - There is a decrease in the rate of hospitalizations. 

- Pre-vaccination case rate in healthcare workers was 5.3, but after vaccination it dropped to 1.37.

 - There is noticeable decrease in the intubation rate from 1.1 to 0.15.

 We think that we will not need measures such as social distance and masks in short time when covid vaccination results reach 90% efficiency.

What are the side effects after vaccination ? 

 - There may be redness and swelling in the arm where the vaccine was given. You may have tiredness and headaches. In such cases, we recommend that you rest for 15-20 minutes after vaccination. This is only a common side effect.

Who Can not Be Vaccionation ? 

people who delevop an allergic reaction when vaccinated before and those with a difficult disease type can not get vaccinated. Apart from this, it is currently not recommended for those under the age of 18 and pregnant women.

We do not know when the epidemic will end, but we can say that our lives have started to return the old with the vaccines. 
Hope to meet in healthier and better days…

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