Northern Cyprus' Most Curious Living Spaces

Northern Cyprus' Most Curious Living Spaces

Where to Live in Northern Cyprus? Latest Developments and Potential in the Region

Northern Cyprus holds a significant spot on the radar of investors and those looking to live there, thanks to its unique natural beauty, rich history, and high living standards. In this blog, we present the most curious living spaces in Northern Cyprus, detailing the diversity of real estate and points of interest in these areas.


Kyrenia: A City Where History and Modern Life Blend

Surrounded by the blues of the Mediterranean, Kyrenia stands out with its historical and natural beauty. Filled with historical structures like Kyrenia Castle and the Bellapais Abbey, the area is also famous for its marina, brimming with luxurious restaurants, cafes, and bars. For investors, Kyrenia offers a variety of choices including holiday homes, permanent residences, villas, and apartment flats. Properties in Kyrenia typically come with sea views and high rental yields, making the area attractive for investors.

Nicosia: The Capital Where Culture and Commerce Meet

As the bustling capital of Northern Cyprus, Nicosia maintains its historical texture while offering all the conveniences of modern life. Known for historical sites like the Selimiye Mosque and the Great Inn, the area also attracts attention with its shopping centers, business districts, and entertainment venues. Nicosia provides numerous opportunities for residential, office, and commercial real estate investments. Modern apartment flats in the city center, commercial properties, and shops with high rental income and value appreciation potential draw investors' interest.

Famagusta: A Coastal City Where History and Nature Intertwine

Famagusta is known for its wonderful beaches like Altinkum and Glapsides and the historic walled city area. With its historical and natural beauty, the area is ideal for both vacationing and investing. Real estate in Famagusta varies from luxury villas on the beachfront, residential projects with direct sea access, to old town houses with historical character. This diversity offers investment opportunities suitable for every budget and taste.

Iskele: The Address for Natural Beauty and Tranquil Living

Iskele is a region in Northern Cyprus renowned for its natural beauties, offering a calm and peaceful lifestyle. Known for its long beaches, clear sea, and green nature, Iskele is especially favored by families and nature enthusiasts. The real estate options in Iskele include detached villas close to the sea, houses with gardens, and low-rise apartment flats. Investing in this area is an excellent option for those seeking a serene lifestyle.

Varosha: The Rediscovered Historical Heritage

Varosha, an area of Northern Cyprus that had been inaccessible for years and partially reopened in 2020, is one of the region's most curious places. Once known as one of the Mediterranean's most popular holiday destinations, it has remained akin to a ghost town for many years. With recent openings, Varosha has started to regain the interest of both the local population and international visitors. The reopening of Varosha presents new opportunities for those considering investments in the area. Revitalization and development projects create attractive options for real estate investors. Potential investments in this area are impactful in both tourism and residential development.


Varosha is also famous for its golden beaches and clear seas. Once known for its popular beaches, this area is ready to offer visitors a unique experience while preserving its natural beauty. The coastline is ideal for those who want to walk along the sea, sunbathe, and enjoy the sea. Cultural events, artistic activities, outdoor exhibitions, art galleries, and music events enrich the cultural life of the region. The revitalized area attracts the attention of both locals and visitors, poised to become an important part of Northern Cyprus's cultural heritage.


Some significant factors for investors in Northern Cyprus include low living costs, high rental yields, and increasing property values. On this island, intertwined with the sea, nature, and history, there are real estate options suitable for every budget and taste. At Realtor Global, we are here to offer you the best real estate investment options in Northern Cyprus and support you on your investment journey.

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