Kaputas Beach in Antalya/Turkey, Has Been Selected as One of The Best 40 Beaches in Europe

Kaputas Beach in Antalya/Turkey, Has Been Selected as One of The Best 40 Beaches in Europe

What is Kaputas in Antalya Famous for, Why Was This Beach in Turkey Chosen as One of the Best in Europe and How to Get to It?

Kaputas Beach, a golden strip hidden between the rocks that stretch along the sea for only 200 meters was included in the list of the Best 40 Beaches in Europe! The British newspaper The Guardian included this tiny beach which only is 30 meters wide, within the list of the best beaches of Europe. The famous places in Turkey, Greece, Spain, Montenegro, Croatia, France, and many other popular tourist destinations became neighbors in the list.


Just a few years ago Kaputas was not yet known to anyone, but now, according to the mayor of the city of Kas, the beach has become one of the most iconic “tourist brands” of the country. The head of the municipality said the city cherishes this landmark and try their best to preserve its’ original appearance.

Where Kaputas is Located?

Kaputas is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, West of Antalya between the cities of Kas and Kalkan (at 17 and 7 kilometers, respectively). It can be reached via the D400 highway. There is a staircase of 190 steps that starts from the highway and ends into the beach. Of course, the beach can also be reached by the sea route with a yacht.

Why Kaputas is Considered the Best Beach in Turkey?

The beach, which was considered “Wild” 5 years ago deserved this worldwide fame for a reason. Hidden from prying eyes, the beach takes its’ name from the canyon of the same name. Sparkling waves of all shades of turquoise got their color due to the mixing of underground freshwater which flows from the canyon to the Mediterranean Sea. A mixture of small pebbles and sand is the reason why the water in this place is so clean and clear. Moreover, there are no large settlements and hotels nearby which also affects the degree of water purity. By the way, it is precisely due to the transparency of the sea in this place that Kaputas gained popularity among diving enthusiasts: By opening your eyes underwater, you will enjoy all the shades of blue to the maximum. Kaputas is rightfully considered as one of the main attractions of Antalya, a must-see.

What's on The Kaputas Beach in Turkey?

The beach is managed by the municipality of Kas, which belongs to the province of Antalya. A variety of services are provided on the beach ranging from sunbeds to cafeterias, changing cabins, and toilets. The entrance to the beach is absolutely free of charge. Right above the beach, there is an observation deck where you can admire the endless blue surface of the sea. Divers will appreciate the Blue Cave, located 600 meters from the beach as well.

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