Investment Potential of Real Estate in Mersin

Investment Potential of Real Estate in Mersin

An Increasing Number of Investors Are Looking For Real Estate That Will Generate The Most Earnings

An increasing number of investors are looking for real estate that will generate the most earnings for the least amount of investment. Lots of foreigner’s quest for real estate for both residential and commercial purposes. What then is the investment potential of real estate in Mersin?


The real estate market in Mersin provides excellent value. One of the main Mediterranean seaports is located in this lovely city on Turkey's southern coast. As Mersin becomes more well among real estate developers, houses and apartments for sale there have a significant chance of capital growth

Why is the real estate potential high in Mersin?

Mersin is the eleventh largest city in Turkey. Mersin's economy, which is built on trade, manufacturing, and agriculture, has a lot of potential for sea and highland tourism. The number of new developments is growing in Mersin, which is still expanding quickly. The Light Rail System is the port city of Mersin's most impressive achievement. In order to address the city's transportation issues, the Light Rail System Project, which was developed as part of the Transportation Master Plan. By completion time the real estate in Mersin will be more valuable, and for more transportation advantages the 85 km away Adana International Airport is the closest air hub to Mersin. However, a new Cukurova airport (Cukurova International Airport) is already being built much closer at a 45 km distant it is planned to be open, and working by the end of 2022.


The most important economical thing in Mersin is the port it holds. Turkey's international port in southern Mersin stands out as one of the most essential transfer destinations for exported goods, which made Turkey set export records in 2021. Not only the port is important but also Mersin produces 5 % of total vegetables, 10 % of total fruits (banana 65%, strawberry 55%) that is being harvested in Turkey. Due to Mersin's proximity to the Mediterranean coast, fishing is a significant industry. Additionally, sites with freshwater fishing and cultural fishing are operational. If you are looking for commercial properties for sale in Turkey then Akdeniz region is for you, one of the central regions of Mersin, and is home to many businesses.

Rent potential 

With Mersin being full of summer houses and a great weather all year around investing in a property gives you the opportunity of getting back the amount you gave in a small time with giving it to rent. Offering high investment potential due to the need for rental properties because of tourist and students so an all year around advantage.

 In Mersin, one of the cities with the most holiday home searches, the real estate market is significant. The real estate market is keenly watched in Mersin, where there are now more qualifying residences, for buying and renting. 


With all the new projects and economic growth in Mersin investing now gives the opportunity of reselling it in the upcoming years for more, as proven by the increase of prices from last year’s rate, in 2022 for sale residential prices have a 253.11% increase. The average in the same specifications for sale residential prices is 1,522,210 TL. The average for sale residential property size is 145 square meters. Mersin mostly increased in Erdemli, Yenişehir, Mezitli, Silifke, and Toroslar in order.  


For people who earn or have the Turkish Lira as their currency, a decreasing currency is a terrible news.  However, if none of your assets are in Turkish Lira, the circumstances will be in your advantage. We anticipate selling more homes in Turkey as a result of the Turkish Lira's falling value in the next months. Wise investors, especially institutions, will enter the market to take advantage of the gainful currency exchange rate. In other words, Turkish real estate will be cheaper for investors with assets or currencies other than Turkish Lira. But as time passes, this increase in demand will progressively raise real estate values, and when the markets have returned to normal, you may resell the property and make a profitable return. 


A region with high rental income and return on investment is Yenisehir so make sure to think about it if looking for those factors.


In addition to these economic, environmental, and historical features, Mersin is the home to a university with 22 faculties, government medical centers, and polyclinics. When all of these characteristics are considered, Mersin has a significant potential for real estate investment because of its commercial components and high tourist and investor traffic. Being in Turkey also greatly enhances the value.

Is it difficult to find accommodation in Mersin?

It can be challenging for you to evaluate areas with different qualities when picking your ideal house because Mersin is such a big seaside city. Or, to make more secure choices about the ideal area and style of property for your forthcoming investment needs, you might enlist the help of a competent real estate agent. There are various properties in Mersin that can be evaluated according to everyone's needs and purposes


For those who wish to take advantage of all the city has to offer: 

Mezitli is one of Mersin's four main districts, thanks to its cutting-edge social infrastructure and standard conveniences it offers inner city life to its people. It is also historically significant and has lots of tourist attractions.


Sea view areas with five-star hotel concept residences can be found in the Tece and Erdemli areas. The most gorgeous beaches in Mersin are there. As a result these two areas are the most sought-after travel destinations for vacationers 


Real estate prices in Mersin can start from 45,000 euros for 1 bedroom apartments and to as much as a million euro for villas and spacious apartments, there is a price suitable for every investor, and more affordable than other cities in Turkey. With those prices you will not think twice about buying a house in Mersin


Investing in Mersin is better for your future income. According to data, since November 2021 Mersin has been one of the provinces with the highest increase in house prices for sale across the country. Finally, in February 2022, houses for sale across Turkey increased by 119% annually, while in Mersin there was an increase of 154%.


With our real estate agents that comprehend lots of different languages and our expertise in the field since 2015, we as Realtor Global offer the finest service you require. If you want to purchase real estate in Mersin, we will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal home and completing the transaction in a simple, dependable, and trouble-free manner.

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