Challenges in Purchasing a Property in TURKEY

Challenges in Purchasing a Property in TURKEY

The world has evolved so much, and human beings have become so smart even to the detriment of each other

The world has evolved so much, and human beings have become so smart even to the detriment of each other. It has already been granted that there are properties for sale in different parts of Turkey. These properties range from apartments to villas, mansions, and even commercial offices. In as much as purchasing a property in Turkey sounds like something easy to, it’s not really easy as it is sometimes very challenging. Let’s look at some of the challenges in purchasing houses in Turkey.

1.   The fear of being defrauded

In as much as there are properties for sale in Turkey, one needs to be very careful when doing research to purchase or buy a property. The world has evolved very much technologically, and there are obviously many cybercriminals and fraudsters who disguise as real estate agents looking for those who will fall prey to their schemes. Thus before dealing with any real agent, you need to check and double to find out if they are real or not. You can do so by reading reviews on their website or paying someone to investigate them.

2.    Frustrations caused by differences in applicable laws

One of the greatest challenges faced by foreigners when it comes to buying houses in Turkey is the differences in the applicable laws and legal systems governing real estate transactions. The differences could be so frustrating that so many potential buyers could get discouraged. There is a lot of paperwork that needs to be done before purchasing a property in Turkey However, this may not necessarily be the case in other countries.

3.    Language barriers

Foreigners also suffer from language barriers when buying houses in Turkey. The language barrier becomes more challenging when one has to deal with legal documents in a strange language. For instance, native English and native French speakers who are unable to speak Turkish may find difficulties reading and understanding all documents.

4.    Possibilities of you being absent during research

Some people may aspire to buy a property in Turkey but may be too busy to travel to Turkey themselves and purchase their properties. More so, some people may just stumble on properties for sale in Turkey and decide to buy instantly or spontaneously. Such people may choose to send friends, families or colleagues to represent them in the process of purchasing their properties be it a villa, a house, an apartment, a piece of land or an office space. The disadvantage of not being physically present is the fact that you could purchase a property which you end up not loving and enjoying. Most often, potential buyers send their representatives for site inspections and only see pictures or videos of the property. However, the customer may end up very frustrated as a result of lack of direct control' over the process, which arises due to you not being based in the country you are purchasing in.


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