Business in Türkiye. Can International Investors Own A Business in Türkiye?

Business in Türkiye. Can International Investors Own A Business in Türkiye?

It Is Possible For International Investors To Own A Business in Türkiye

It is possible for international investors to own a business in Türkiye.  This blog will examine investment advantages, office opening conditions, and more.


Global investors continue to build their future with real estate for sale in Türkiye It is advantageous for foreigners to invest in Türkiye in many ways. With various work permits and residence permits, foreigners have been living their lives since the first moment they settled in Türkiye. In addition to local investors in Türkiye, global investors can also own businesses in Türkiye. Depending on the legal process and provisions, according to the Republic of Türkiye's Foreign Direct Investors Law No. 4875, domestic and foreign investors have equal rights. Accordingly, international investors will be able to freely open their businesses in accordance with the law, subject to the equality of legal obligations and rights under the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC). 

According to the law, international investors in Türkiye can open companies in two different ways. One is a sole proprietorship and the other is a real and legal capital company. Either way, it is possible for foreign investors to own a business. Among the offices for sale in Türkiye, foreign investors can open office businesses in all 81 provinces. In Türkiye, foreigners provide services in various sectors such as food, health, education, counseling, beauty, and car dealers.  While providing these services, there are certain requirements to become a foreign investor in Türkiye. Private businesses opened by international investors in Türkiye after obtaining the necessary permits from public institutions, which are monitored by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security in Türkiye, will allow the investment to be valued in many respects. In this way, you will be able to continue your business life with high-profit rates when you invest in a property in Türkiye


Sole Proprietorships Established in Türkiye By International Investors

The income rates of sole proprietorships established by international investors in Türkiye are steadily increasing. According to 2023 data, 28.4% of the capital raised by foreign investors is increasing. This increases the likelihood of finding a job for foreign investors who come to reside in Türkiye and provides employment. In addition to being a business person recognized for your investments, you will be able to enable your investments to maintain their dynamics in the international market. 

According to Article 7 of Law No. 4817 on Work Permits for Foreigners, in order to own an international business in Türkiye, a foreigner must have resided in Türkiye for at least 5 years without interruption. With permission granted by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, international investors in Türkiye will be entitled to become independent employees. In this way, you can make your capital into your sole proprietorship.


Real And Legal Capital Companies Established by International Investors

There are real and legal capital companies established by international investors. Investors investing in Türkiye have permission to establish a company in accordance with the Turkish Commercial Code, with equal rights and obligations for all professions. A legal entity without Turkish citizenship or a legal entity established outside of Türkiye is required to submit a number of documents to establish a company in Türkiye. 


Global investors are authorized to open a company both in Türkiye and in their own country after preparing the documents from their own country according to the legal responsibilities and provisions.


What Are The Documents Required For International Investors To Own A Business in Türkiye?

  • Company Agreement
  • Copy of shareholders' passport
  • Certificate of activity of signing authorities
  • Signature declaration

Petition for registration of the potential tax number, articles of association, lease agreement, power of attorney.


While applying for registration, establishment notification form, company contract, payment document to the competition authority, declaration of establishment, chamber of the commerce registration form, bank receipt, documents regarding annotations, in-kind capital expert report.


Documents such as these are the documents required by the conditions of being an international business owner in Türkiye. With the documents, you can have your applications approved within the framework of legal responsibilities and provisions. It is possible to serve many sectors while establishing your investment future.


Why Do International Investors Prefer To Establish Businesses in Türkiye?

The number of businesses established by international investors from the past to the present is increasing as well as domestic investors. According to the data, the number of companies opened by foreigners reached 20,135. Since 2010, the highest level since then, investing in Türkiye is a highly profitable option. The share of capital held by foreigners reached 80.8%, their highest level ever. 

Investing in Türkiye is always attractive and advantageous for international investors. The provinces where foreigners own companies in Türkiye are Istanbul, Antalya, Alanya, and Mersin. Regions that are central in terms of property investment, have a high international market, have easy transportation, and are favorable in many sectors that attract local and foreign investors are becoming priority investment centers for international investors.

Is It Possible For International Investors To Own A Business in Türkiye?

According to the conditions for international investors to own a business in Türkiye, the investor must reside in Türkiye for 5 years without interruption. In addition, according to the work permit obtained in accordance with the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, it is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations to become a self-employed person.


You can obtain Turkish citizenship by investing in a property in Türkiye. In this way, having the offices, shops, and business centers you need is guaranteed for the future. As investors with an international market, you can safely manage your investment in Türkiye.

What Are The Advantages Of Business Ownership For International Investors in Türkiye?

Being a business owner in Türkiye is very advantageous in every aspect. International investors can become business owners by choosing properties for sale in Türkiye. It is possible to develop investment advantages by complying with the legal obligations regulated under the laws of the Republic of Türkiye or by applying for Turkish citizenship through investment. 


Investment advantages for international investors in Türkiye;

  • You can achieve your growth target by entering different markets.
  • You will earn more profit
  • You can increase the competitive impact in the local market
  • You can develop new products with your experience and capital knowledge. 
  • You can have the comfort of central living. 

You will be intertwined with opportunities such as ease of transportation, education, shopping centers, access to historical and cultural sites, consultancy services, and capital diversity. 

You can realize your investments in offices for sale in Türkiye. If you invest in Alanya, Antalya, Istanbul, and Mersin regions, your earnings will increase considerably. Especially these regions are where there are more investors and Turkish citizenship is frequently granted. In this way, you can establish your business in regions with high investment value, and you will be able to carry your transportation and needs within walking distance with the advantage of the location in and around the office. Choosing an area with international investors to increase your income is an important step in the development of capital.


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