A New Era in Global Citizenship Programs: Türkiye and Europe as the Favorites of 2024

A New Era in Global Citizenship Programs: Türkiye and Europe as the Favorites of 2024

Türkiye Rises to 5th Place in Citizenship by Investment Ranking

The year 2024 marks notable changes in global citizenship and residency programs, with investors and future global citizens evaluating new opportunities and advantages. Certain countries, especially Türkiye, Malta, Austria, and Portugal, are becoming favored destinations for investors.

Türkiye: A Significant Leap in the Global Citizenship Program Index

Türkiye, with its investor-friendly policies and advantageous investment options, has risen from 7th to 5th place in the 2024 Global Citizenship Program Index, drawing international attention. Türkiye’s proximity to strategic markets such as Asia, Europe, and the Middle East provides investors with not only geographical advantages but also a wide range of opportunities in terms of economic, social, and cultural diversity.


The country's various investment programs offer flexible options tailored to investors' needs and expectations, increasing interest. From real estate investments to large-scale commercial ventures, Türkiye offers a broad spectrum of investment opportunities, providing both short-term and long-term profit possibilities.


Another factor behind this success is the quality of life and social opportunities Türkiye offers to international investors and their families. With high-standard education and healthcare services, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Türkiye becomes a country chosen not only for economic reasons but also as a preferred place to live for investors.

Malta: Maintaining Its Leading Position in Citizenship Programs

Malta continues to hold its leadership for the ninth consecutive year in the 2024 Investment Migration Programs evaluation, scoring 77 out of 100. This strategically located island nation in Europe offers citizenship to international investors and their families who contribute to economic growth under the "Exceptional Services by Direct Investment Citizenship Regulation." This policy positions Malta as a standout destination among investment-based migration programs, significantly contributing to the country's international recognition and economic development.

Austria and Portugal: Preferred Destinations for Investors in Europe

Austria offers an attractive citizenship and residency program for investors, thanks to its high quality of life and economic stability. Portugal's Golden Visa is among the most sought-after programs in the Global Residency Program Index. These two European countries are becoming ideal destinations for investors pursuing global citizenship, with the residency and citizenship opportunities they offer.


The 2024 Global Citizenship and Residency Programs report provides crucial insights for investors seeking citizenship and residency through investment. Türkiye's leap into the top 5, Malta's sustained leadership, and the advantages offered by Austria and Portugal highlight why these countries are preferred by investors. Türkiye, serving as a bridge between continents, and Malta, Austria, and Portugal, offering European stability and quality of life, open the doors to global mobility and investment opportunities for investors. Realtor Global aims to be a reliable guide for investors looking to maximize the benefits of citizenship through investment programs, waiting for you.

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