Our New Franchise Office in Izmir Opens Its Doors

The fastest growing real estate company in the investment market sector in recent years, Realtor Turkey has opened its first franchise office in Izmir. The constant change of needs and demands of investors have become the push for the further development of the company. Founder of Realtor Turkey Real Estate Anil U. Ovencoglu noted that Realtor Turkey receives franchise offers from many cities in Turkey. All applications are carefully considered as the goal is to create a new corporate and sustainable work model that is based on trusting relationships and long-term cooperation. 

The current practice of conducting transactions focused solely on making a profit seriously affected the credibility of the market which resulted in companies with foreign capital taking over the sector. That, in turn, could not help to bring the market and the quality of services to the previous level. Realtor Turkey has established its own work standards, providing full professional support to hundreds of investors. The company strives to help each client to manage their funds in the most reasonable and profitable way. 

Within the framework of establishing new franchise structure, especially new regional representative agency, the company has opened a new office in Izmir; the priority is the comfort of customers and employees and high business standards. The management of the new office is lead by Ceyhun Gedici and Gurbet Çoban, real estate professionals who became part of the Realtor Turkey team by investing in the expansion of the company.

The company aims to provide both domestic and foreign investors with the most competent advice and become their lifelong friend. Due to its unique geographical location, Izmir is considered the ”pearl" of Turkey. The city is home to a few leading educational institutions of the country such as the Institute of Technology, the Aegean University, the University of the Ninth of September, the University of Economics and others. The economic importance of the region is quite high since Izmir province accounts for a fairly large share of imports and exports, which makes the city one of the key areas for investment flow from abroad.


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